Why Infinity App is the only one EBOOK reader you need?

Discover how this BRAND NEW technology will make you read TWICE AS FAST and understand better. Just imagine the feeling of you being able to read twice more books in the same time. Now it’s possible! Here is how you too, can do it.

We live in the smartphone era, where we can do a huge part our daily activities only by tapping on our smartphone screen. Without even speaking we order food/taxi or even clothes. And all that happens with just downloading the right application from the store. And boy they are a lot.

We make reservations and even our favorite books or college lessons are now transformed into E-books that we can read, or heard, whenever we want, without having to carry them with us all the time. They are there, in our phone. Smartphones really makes our lives a lot easier, and the access to information lighting. It can all happen with just downloading the right application.

When it comes to reading E-Books there are hundreds of paid and free E-Book readers in Google Play store. And here lies the big question: Which one to choose? Most of them are slow, or make your phone slow. Some of them only have paid books or very limited number of free books. Some apps just stop working, and they use so many memory space that using them becomes difficult. And it becomes a bit annoying to deal with all this stuff when you only want to sit back, relax, and read your favorite book. So here comes the question again: How to choose the best E-Book reader for my smartphone? What to look for in an E-Book reader? What makes it the best?

We, as tech maniacs, always go for the one thing that can improve our lives, and, in this case, make reading a lot more interesting and easy. In this technology filled world, we started seeking for something more than just a words on a white canvas. And in the world of E-publishing, all the interaction we want comes with the latest version of the EPUB standard – EPUB3. Just for some extra information, the EPUB (short on Electronic Publication) is the e-book file format supported by most of the devices like smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

It’s latest version EPUB3 was published in November 2014. By incorporating the latest HTML – 5, it pushes up the world of digital books on a whole new level, playing with our desire for more visual and sound features. So, in case you wonder what makes EPUB 3 so special, here are the five main benefits.

  • FORMATTING – you know how good formatting is important to read with pleasure. EPUB 3 comes with the latest updates and standardizations about format.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – with features such as better semantics, pronunciation hints and media hints, an E-book reader working with EPUB3 is the perfect solution for people with learning disabilities, visual impairments or literacy challenges.
  • TEXT- TO- SPEECH – text-to-speech technology is one of the most promising features of EPUB3 accessibility. It uses ReadSpeaker Narrator, a service, allowing the automatic creation of audio books with natural-sounding speech, which can be listened later. Cool isn’t it!
  • GLOBAL LANGUAGE FRIENDLY – no more language barrier. The latest (and so far, the best) version of EPUB is global language friendly, supporting even right-to-left reading, vertical writing, and enhanced annotation.
  • INTERACTIVITY AND MULTIMEDIA CAPABILITY – as self-respected technology maniac, you’ve learned to want more from a book than just some words on a white canvas. You need something more interesting and eye catching than that. EPUB3, as the best, has something to satisfy this hunger for high-tech. With its media feature, which can integrate audio and video information into the text, the simple reading of the past can be transformed into an interactive experience.

So, after learning the biggest benefits of the last and most improved EPUB version, you now know that you need to download an app, supporting EPUB3 format. You are now ready to meet Infinity App, the only one E-Book reader you need if you want to dive into the world of interactive books.

This app is amazingly light and doesn’t slow your phone a bit. It has extremely easy to use interface, and a huge and constantly growing library of free books. You can easily upload your own files from your drive, such as lessons, which makes the app perfect, if you are a student. And last, but surely the biggest benefit of the app is that you can enjoy all the high-tech features that EPUB3 can provide, and you already know what that means: full interactive experience that makes reading easier, funnier and even faster than we know it.
You can now have all these things in only one app, absolutely FREE. All you have to do is find Infinity Reader in the search section of your Play Store and download it. It costs nothing, but can have a huge improvement on your skills, reading time and even your life. Download it NOW for FREE.

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