Learn how to use new Infinity Reader app – the easiest user giude

Check out how to easy access the world of E-books with all-in-one Infinity reader app, combinations to feature-packed and highly customizable standalone for you!

You really love reading books. You find it very relaxing to just sit on your comfortable couch at home and read your favorite book. Or at the park, or while you wait for a friend in your favorite cafe, or while you are riding in the bus. But do you have to bring your books with you all the time? What if you love reading Lord of The Rings? The book is about thousand pages…

Gladly, you don’t have to carry the paper books with you. You can just download it’s electronic version on your phone, and you’re ready to rock (read). In the High-Tech era, where we can do almost everything with our smartphones, reading is just another activity made easy by the smart gadgets. All you need to do is just download the right App from the Store.

Most E-book readers have a lot of annoying bugs. They can slow your phone, use a lot of space, a lot of cash, just stop unexpectedly in the most inappropriate moment, and so on. Not to mention, most of them doesn’t work with the latest EPUB3, so far the best e-publishing format. And you want only the best, right? But don’t worry, there is an easy working and absolutely FREE solution for you my friend. It’s called Infinity reader. After discussing the reasons why Infinity Reader is the best E-book reader for your smartphone, it’s time to show how this thing can make your life and reading easier and much more interesting.

So, you have your turquoise green icon with name Infinity Reader on your screen. The first thing you see after opening the app is your own library, where you can find all the books you’ve downloaded from the public library, or uploaded from your device. You have three icons on your top right side of the screen. With the first one, you can easily add new bookshelf to your library (no hammer and pins needed), and name it as you wish. The second icon is the well know search icon. You can search the books you want by title, or by author, or by both. This icon searches only your own library. The third one is the sort icon.


Slide to the left, and you can see all the latest books you’ve opened. And started reading. Have you noticed the tiny white star on the top right side of the screen saying FREE. Well here is the fun part.


By clicking on it you enter the Public Domain Library where all the books are free and waiting for you to want to read them. You can find all sort of classics like the Devine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and The Call of the Wild by Jeck London, all for free. The Public library you enter is also divided by sections.

You first enter the Featured Books section with has different books every day. Scroll to the left, and the Literary section. Another left scroll leads you to the Mistery and Detective section. Here you enter Agatha Cristy and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world with huge amount of detective books. And, of course, the Sherlock Holmes books are here too. Another slide to the left, and you can meet the world of science. With the books of Jack London, Jules Verne and H.G.Wells you can dive deeply into the world of science fiction.















The Public Domain has another sections with categories, situated on the left side of the Featured section.  It has search icon too, so you can easily find your favorite books. By searching a book, you enter a huge book world, full with all the free and paid books you want. You can search them in the E-book store or the public domain. And If you’re having troubles finding your book, you can filter the  results by category and language. Cool right?


On the top left of your home screen you will find three lines, that give you extra features. You can read your own library, have a shortcut to the public domain library or upload a file from your own device. You can even go premium, and for small amount of money have some extra features and ad free app.


And this is it. Easy as pie. Download Infinity Reader from your store today, and plunge into the infinite world of e-books.

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